zero escape series | standalone stories (28)

Missing scenes, missing timelines.

zero time dilemma | 9 lives, 9 timelines, 9 endings (4)

All things are possible. All lives end. Ultimately, all hearts are broken.

zero escape | drabbles (3)

Bits and pieces from various timelines.

virtue's last reward/zero time dilemma | kingdom on the moon (3)

A brief series bridging ZTD to VLR. Complete.

zero time dilemma | the Dcom files (14)

Snippets from the days leading up to and during the Dcom experiment, each focusing on one character.
Mostly canon-compliant, although I am tweaking some things a bit.

Stories are time-stamped in DET - Dcom Elapsed Time.
D minus zero = December 25, 2028, at the start of the Mars Mission Simulation.
D minus means it's set in the days leading up to the experiment; D plus means it's set during the actual experiment.

zero time dilemma | the gods lost, 2-1 (25)

An extension of the True Ending of ZTD, mainly focused on D-Team.
This follows along with our merry band of nine as they try to save the world without losing themselves.
The series is mostly canon-compliant, except for the Post-Payoff files, which I have chosen to ignore.

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