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baby, baby / ain't it true / i'm immortal / when i'm with you / but i wanna pistol / in my hand / i wanna go to / a different land

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Zero Escape (77)

and the battle is won / and the planes keep winging / and i'm right on time / and the girl keeps singing

The West Wing (46)

city people in the dark / speak to us, send us a sign / tell us something to keep us trying

Without a Trace (20)

with the headlights burning / we're looking up for something / answers on the ceiling

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (17)

come home / is my plea / your home now is / here with me

Firefly/Serenity (13)

and i'm lighter than i've ever been / i saw the trees crossing the moon / i saw the stars and heaven above

Lost (11)

you look me / in the eye directly / you met me / i think it's wednesday / the evening / the mess we're in

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (7)

a rooftop, in manhattan / one in the morning / when you said something

Tales of Berseria (6)

threw my bad fortune / off the top of / a tall building / but i'd rather have done it with you

The Inside (6)

i'll make you lick my injuries / i'm gonna twist your head off, see / 'til you say don't you wish you never never met her

Desperate Housewives (6)

i envy the wind / your hair riding over / i envy the pillow / your head rests and slumbers

Sherlock (BBC) (3)

i'm watching from the wall / as in the streets we fight / this world all gone to war / all i need is you tonight

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel (3)

and we walked without words / and we walked with our lives / two silent birds circled by

Mission: Impossible (TV) (2)

how did we get here / to this point of living / i held my breath / and you said something

24 (2)

my fingers sting / where i feel your fingers have been / ghostly fingers

Alias (2)

don't look now it's coming round again / i saved your voice from the telephone / i play it back on the message machine

Babylon 5 (1)

i see men come and go / but there'll be one who will collect my soul / and come to me

Bones (1)

wave goodbye / their arms as bitter branches / spreading into the world

Memento (1)

this house becomes a hell / this love becomes a tether / this room becomes a cell

House, M.D. (1)

scratch my palms / there's blood on my hands

Star Trek Series (1)

rode a horse around the world / along the tracks of a train / broke the record, found the gold

The X-Files (1)

he walks his path / and I follow mine / one tooth for one eye / he's come to find me

If the reader is not at risk, he is not reading. (Harold Brodkey)
But I will write in spite of everything, absolutely; it is my struggle for self-preservation. (Kafka)
I detest my own volubility. Why be always spouting words? (Virginia Woolf)
When I have written a thing I no longer fear the loss of it. (Anaïs Nin)
Someone has been led astray and seduced. (Jean LaPlanche)

Original Fiction

he said laugh awhile, i can make your heart feel / he said fly with me, touch the face of the true god / and then cry with joy at the depth of my love

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