after all they shared

nc-17 | sexual content | m/m/f threesome

Her fantasies have always been dull. Or at least, they've always been painfully realistic.

So before Josh finally decided to bump into her sideways, her dreams about being taken on his desk invariably ended with him muttering the words, "That was a mistake." When she envisioned him sweeping into her apartment and fucking her on the floor, he was always drunk and he never remembered it the next morning. And when one of their random fantasy hugs turned into a make-out session, it was followed by excuses and avoidance.

And now they had survived an almost-pregnancy, the premature end of the administration, the sudden termination of her new job, her father's unexpected death, and her return to college. They had been through countless fights, a broken vase, an accidental black eye (which she still apologizes for), a totaled car, a trial separation, and dozens of incidences of make up sex. His hair was shorter and hers was longer and pretty much everything had changed, except for the fact that her dreams were still woefully pessimistic.

Last year, when she went to see the divorce attorney, was when the threesome fantasies involving Sam began. They were anything but erotic. She couldn't see Josh consenting to it unless he was drunk beyond reason. For that matter, she couldn't see her getting into it unless she was drunk beyond reason. So the dreams usually involved a ton of booze, which led to clumsy groping, sloppy kissing, and the occasional embarrassing confusion of anatomy. Really, they should have turned her off to the whole idea.

Yet, here they were. Almost entirely naked, utterly sober, and too far gone to stop now. The point of no return in a threesome, she had decided, was right after the woman had removed her pants, but before she had taken off her underwear. Once the panties came off, it was too late. Seeing the breasts of your best friend's wife was one thing; finding out that she shaved her pubic hair was quite another.

Josh didn't seem to have a problem with the way Sam was caressing her breasts. She wanted him to get on with it and move his hands lower, and as Josh kissed her back, she idly wondered what he would think about that. For a moment, it seemed as if Sam was going to comply with her unspoken wish, but Josh beat him to it.

She turned her head, because Josh's lips were making their way up her neck, over her chin, and as she kissed him, she pondered the idea that this was a test. Maybe he was just going along with this to see how far she'd go with another man. But no, this was his idea. Well, practically his idea. And anyway, he had moved past the being-jealous-of-everyone-with-a-penis-who-came-within-two-feet-of-her phase. Mostly.

The sensation of Sam's fingers joining Josh's startled her. Three inside her, two manipulating her clit; the former moving urgently, the latter soft & tentative. She surrendered to the sensation, letting them bring her to climax.

Then she was on the bed, although she wasn't sure who guided her there. Surprisingly, Josh just stood there, staring down at her but not moving. Maybe this was a test.

She was tired of being tested.

Sam seemed surprised when she reached for him. Josh, not so much. But he then he was right there, palming her breast as Sam put on a condom. Watching her face when Sam knelt between her legs and entered her. And it felt good, amazing, incredible, especially when he angled her hips for deeper penetration, but she felt her eyes filling up with tears.

Josh kissed her cheek, brought his lips to her ear. "Is he better than I am?"

The spiteful part of her, the part that was still upset over that stupid vase, that part of her wished she could honestly say yes. "No," she gasped.

"Good." He took her hand and brought it to his cock. She probably should have been looking at Sam, or at least acknowledging that he was there, but she couldn't tear her gaze away from Josh.

"I'm sorry," she whispered as she stroked him slowly.

"For what?" He brushed a bit of hair from her cheek, and she was saddened as she realized she couldn't remember the last time he had touched her to tenderly.

"Hitting you in the face with that book."

"I forgave you for that a long time ago." Sam grunted and Josh glanced up at him briefly before returning his attention to her. "I'm sorry about the vase."

"It was my grandmother's."

"I know." And for the first time in months, he didn't sound angry. "I'm sorry."

"I forgive you," she said, and she was surprised to realize that she actually meant it this time.

"Is this an orgy or a counseling session?" With that, Sam slipped out of her. She watched in bewilderment as he found his clothing and hastily began to get re-dressed, his erection still prominent underneath his trousers.

"Sam -"

"Don't, Josh." Sam tossed his tie over his shoulder as he stepped into his shoes. "You're either using me in an attempt to put your marriage back together or using me as an excuse to finally end it. Whatever it is, you'll excuse me if I don't feel like hanging around."

Donna sat up, intending to protest, but Sam silenced her with a wave of his hand. She winced as he slammed the door behind him.

"We weren't . . . using him," Josh asserted.

"Yeah, we were." She raised an eyebrow at him when he frowned. "Would it be really wrong of me to suggest we just pick up where he left off?"

"Probably." But he didn't hesitate to position himself where Sam had been. He held her hip as he pushed his cock into her, and for the first time tonight, she was conscious of the ring on his finger. She twisted the sheets around her hand, hoping to hide the fact that she had taken hers off.


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