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"This is a rebound thing, isn't it?"

She said it with a small smile, as if to say, 'I think you're just using me, but it's okay.' Maybe you shouldn't have told her about -

"No," you said calmly, as you shrugged out of your bra. "I'm over Sam. And Josh - he's moved on, and so have I."

And that was the end of that. Warm skin and soft sheets and there wasn't time to think. (You didn't want to, anyway.) You used her moans as a guide, charting a path from her mouth to her collarbone to her breasts; she was wearing some sort of overpowering perfume, and it almost distracted you when you took a firm nipple in your mouth. She mentioned something about a vibrator in a drawer as you planted a line of kisses down her stomach, but you ignored her. Her moans grew louder, directing you to do that harder, stay right there, and then they dissolved into incoherent grunts. You gripped her thighs tightly as she came.

Then it was your turn, and she retrieved her vibrator from the nightstand. You came quickly when she pressed the tip against your clit, but she didn't stop, teasing you with it until you climaxed again. Small kisses on your shoulder, and she offered to get you a drink.

It was warm, even with the ice in the glass, and you weren't quite sure what it was. All you knew was that it was strong and slightly bitter, and it loosened you up enough for you to ask -

"Am I some rebound thing?"

She dipped her finger in her own glass, painting some random pattern on your skin with the alcohol. "You're the third person this month to imply that I'm using them. Should I be offended?"

"You asked me first."

She seemed to concede to your assertion, licking up the mess she had made. "Sorry," she murmured into your stomach.

But she hadn't answered your question, and just as you were contemplating mentioning this, she lifted her head.

"Martin thought I was using him to get back at Jack. Jack thought I was using him to make Martin jealous. You think I'm using you to get over being dumped by both of them."

You didn't pursue it, if only because you didn't want her accusing you (again) of using her to get over Sam's leaving and Josh's willful obliviousness.

"I've had a bit of a crush on you since the first time I saw you," she said. You smiled, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

"Yeah, sure. Me standing in the pouring rain, struggling with a broken umbrella."

"You looked gorgeous." She took your drink out of your hand, dribbling a bit of the (now cold) liquid on your breasts. "Admittedly, not quite as gorgeous as you look now...."

You took back your drink, setting it aside, and then you flipped her over. She pressed the vibrator into your hand; it was still slippery from what she had done to you.

"I don't use people," she whispered. You didn't really care at that point.


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