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You came here to be alone. If that's even possible anymore. You're on your third beer when Amy comes in; after she gets a drink from the bar, she plants herself down next to you. You don't entirely mind. Being alone is overrated, anyway. Still:

"You sure you want that seat? People might think you're gay."

She scoffs at you as she stirs her drink. "People already think I'm gay."

"But you're dating Josh."

"People think Josh is gay."

"They do not." You pause with the bottle halfway to your lips. "Do they?"

"No," she sighs. "They think he's fucking his assistant."

You don't really have anything to say to that, so you finish off your beer and motion for another one.

"Is he?" she asks after a moment.

"No. At least, I hope not. The last thing we need ... they need right now is another sex scandal."

"So they fired you."

"They're letting me resign tomorrow."

There's a flash in her eyes that almost scares you. "You should have fought them."

"I made a mistake, Amy. I should pay for it."

She leans forward, banging her fist on the table. "Your boss orchestrated a massive fraud against the American people. You're going to let them fire you for having sex?"

"It's more than that, and you know it."

"No. No. See ..." She rubs her eyes and pops an ice cube in her mouth, crunching it loudly. "In fifty years, if anyone remembers this, they're not going to remember that you were fired for having an affair with someone who was married. They're not going to remember that you were fired for sleeping with the spouse of one of your boss's top advisors. They're going to remember that CJ Cregg was fired for fucking a girl."

"At least it got the MS story off the front page."

She snorts. "I don't know how grateful you should be for that. The MS story was easier to spin."

"Yeah." You play with condensation rings while she chews her ice. "What are you doing here, anyway? I thought you and Josh had tickets to - "

"I'm not really dating Josh anymore."

"Oh. May I ask why?"

She stretches in her seat as she tries to flag down the server. "He's not the only one who wants to fuck his assistant."


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