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josh/donna, post-ep for 2162 Votes

A careless gesture and a random drop of beer, falling on her forearm. He didn't hesitate in swooping his head down, and it was only after he licked it up that he met her eyes. He looked slightly confused, as if he honestly hadn't realized that it had been her arm, not his. She paused in surprise, her own bottle pressed to her lips, and she felt beer dribble from the corner of her mouth, spilling on to her breast.

Her body stiffened in shock when he covered her lips with his, gathered up the stray liquid with his tongue.

amy/donna, post-s6

You had taunted her for cutting her hair, chopping off her tresses until it was almost as short at J's. You went off on a diatribe about women who reach positions of power and suddenly feel the need to change their appearance to look more masculine. (All the while, toying with your own rather long hair.) From her reaction, you didn't think she'd ever be sharing your bed again, but here she is.

Her tongue and her fingers are moving expertly over you; all you can focus on is the fact that you can't feel her hair trailing over your thighs.


"Your tie is going to be crooked." "I don't really care," he murmured, hiking up her dress until he found the lacy underwear beneath it. When his hands slid over her ass, she sighed in exasperation and undid his necktie. "You can do it yourself if you're going to do that." She crossed her arms over her chest, screwed up her mouth in a pout. "Why don't we just skip the dinner altogether?" He pushed her back against the desk, sinking to his knees as he yanked down her panties, parted her thighs. "I don't think the - oooh, God, Josh."

josh/donna, joey

Maybe they thought she'd be so busy watching their lips and Kenny's hands that she wouldn't notice. Maybe they were at the point where they just didn't care if she did.

Donna's lips faltered mid-word, her hands stilling on the folders. Joey slumped slightly in her chair, glancing back under the table. Sure enough, Josh was no longer just playing footsies; he had slipped off his shoe and he was sliding his foot up Donna's leg.

Joey coughed quietly (she thought), but it didn't distract Josh at all. She stopped spying once she saw his foot disappear between her thighs.

josh/donna, post-NSFT

He takes a picture of her in bed, hair disheveled, the neckline of her gown dangerously close to the swell of her breasts. He aims the camera again, this time at her arm, but he's interrupted by a disgusted grunt, a hand over the lens.

"You sick bastard."

"Her injuries should be documented," he says flatly. "For legal reasons, if nothing else."

"You're just doing this for an exclusive, you - "

"Josh ..."

Her voice is weak. The anger in Josh's face builds, until he turns towards her.

Colin aims. Clicks. This time, another hand is covering one of hers.

josh/donna/samantha (from wat)

It was almost weird (but definitely arousing) the way Donna's tongue in his mouth seemed to be perfectly synchronized with Samantha's tongue on his cock. Their hands were in sync, too: Donna's caressed his shoulders while Samantha's fingers moved in circles on his thighs. He could see why this was (allegedly) every man's fantasy; they had been attending to him for only a few minutes when he climaxed, his hips thrusting uncontrollably upward.

"Please tell her I usually have more stamina than that," he whispered against Donna's lips.

"I'm right here," Samantha said wryly as she finished cleaning him up.


It was more intense because he knew Donna was right outside, completely unaware of what was going on in here. He couldn't remember if he had locked the doors (probably not), and the idea that she might accidentally walk in and catch him with Sam's head between his legs both aroused and frightened him.

(Of course, in his fantasies, she always tosses aside her clothing and jumps right in.)

His arm flailed out when he came, sending his cup flying to the floor. It was so loud that he knew that it was only a matter of -

"You okay, Josh?"

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