nc-17 | sexual content | light bondage

Amy securely fastened Donna's hands to the top of the bedpost, and then stepped back. She stood perfectly still, a small smile curving her lips as Donna began to fidget. Amy knew from experience that it was impossible to see through the blindfold that covered Donna's eyes. She was blind and helpless, completely at her mercy, and that thought sent a delicious shiver down Amy's spine.

She leaned into her, letting her lips graze the side of Donna's face. Her body shook, and she squirmed against her restraints. Amy didn't bother to ask Donna if she wanted to stop; the answer would be no, whether she wanted to or not.

When Amy's fingers made contact with her breasts, Donna gasped, arching into her hands. Amy teased her, tracing circles around the taut nubs, but avoiding direct contact. Donna was biting her lip so hard that Amy thought she might draw blood, so she reached up, pulled her bottom lip free, and kissed her. Their breasts pressed together, and they moaned simultaneously.

Donna's hips thrust out towards hers, and Amy really saw no point in continuing to torment her. She sunk to her knees, parting Donna's slick folds with two fingers. Donna froze when Amy's tongue made contact, only to begin moving again when she focused in on her clit. Amy grabbed her hips to keep them from bucking into her face, and she thought she could make out Donna muttering an apology.

Then she heard fabric moving against wood as Donna again struggled against the tie that bound her to the post. Amy just smiled, confident that her knots couldn't be undone, until she felt fingers digging into her hair, pushing her mouth closer.

"Hey," Amy exclaimed, and Donna groaned.

"Don't stop," she said, her voice strained.

"I wasn't planning to." She covered Donna's clit with her mouth, sucking hard on the sensitive flesh, enjoying the whimper she elicited from her. One more flick of her tongue and Donna came, hard, bunching up Amy's hair in her fist. When she came down off her high, Donna released her, and then untied her blindfold with trembling fingers. She took the time to examine her bindings for the first time, turning the fabric over in her hands.

"This necktie looks an awful lot like the one I got for Sam a few birthdays ago."

"You give neckties as presents?"

Her cheeks were flushed, but Amy couldn't tell if it was from her orgasm or embarrassment. "I didn't know him that well, then, and it seemed safe. Not to mention cheap, and I was kind of strapped for cash ... is this his?"

"Yeah," she said nonchalantly. "I hope you're not planning to give me a necktie for my birthday."

Donna looped the tie around Amy's neck, pulling her close. "I hadn't planned on it," she said as she covered Amy's mouth with hers.


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