living is easier with your mouth closed

pg | no warnings apply

She's cold, she's tired, she's scared, she's cranky, she's never liked camping, and she's wishing she had brought her eye mask. Laying on her back, she tries to sleep, but they won't stop arguing, even when she covers her ears with her hands in a melodramatic gesture. Boone is butting in where he doesn't belong, Kate is trying to be a peacekeeper, Sawyer is butchering the English language, and even though she's doesn't know any Arabic, she pretty sure that Sayid just called Sawyer's mother a whore.

"Oh my god!" she finally snaps. "Would you shut the hell up already?"

"Go to hell, blondie," is apparently the best Sawyer can come up with.

"Your argument doesn't even make any sense," she says as she sits up. "It has to be him, because security pulled him aside and looked at him twice? That means they checked him out extra hard, and they still let him board. Pretty much makes him the least likely one to have blown up the damn plane."

"What about the handcuffs?" he asks, sneering at her.

"We even don't know for sure whose they are, or if anyone was in them. For all you know, someone on the plane is into bondage. The rest of your brilliant argument is 'four legs bad, two legs good'."

Boone, off to her side, snorts. "It's 'four legs good, two legs bad', Shannon, for those of us who actually read the book and didn't get some poor guy to do our homework."

"Whatever," she says. "I'm trying to sleep here."

As she turns to lie down again, she catches a glimpse of a smile on Sayid's face. Realizing that the man she was defending is laughing at her, she almost gets up and stomps out into the jungle, but reason wins out. She resolves to just keep her mouth shut and ignore them all, avoiding any more chances at humiliation.