24 | down | michelle/tony

Either Tony or Jack.

She glances down at Kim, and she can see her own conflicted feelings reflected in the younger woman's eyes.

In seconds, they'll know. One of them will be hurt.

Down doesn't mean dead.

She's suddenly aware of her ring, and the metal seems heavy.

Kim's been through so much. Lost so much. Jack's death would make her an orphan.

In that moment, she doesn't give a damn.

She cares about both of them, but she desperately wants it to be Tony's voice that comes on the line.

But it's Jack instead and her world crashes down.


csi/without a trace | envy | grissom/sara, jack/sam

He watches as Jack touches the blonde's arm. It's seemingly innocent, but his instinct tells him it's more than that. The tenderness with which his thumb glides over her skin, the way the small, pale hairs on her skin stand up on edge, to his trained eye, it looks like a lover's caress.

His attention turns back to his partner. He sees that Sara's been watching them, too, an unreadable expression on her face.

He can almost imagine her touching him like that, and the feelings that churn to the surface remind him why he can't allow that to happen.